Montessori School was established by Smt. P. Kalyanamma garu in 1972, 
inspired by the pioneering efforts of Dr. Maria Montessori of Italy.
She dreamt methodology with the aim To Help the child to help himself inculcating the idea of “Self-help is the best help”.
She started ‘Montessori Home’ for small kids with 12 children in a private rented building with this experience, she founded “Montessori school” with about 4 scores of children in 1976 at Vidyanagar.  
A full-fledged school from ‘L.K.G’ to X class was started in ‘A’ Camp in 1990.
Now these institutions boast of huge buildings with sprawling grounds with all modern teaching facilities.

v  Kindergarten which means children’s garden. She felt that children are like flowers and they are to be cultivated, watered and cared for. It required a special care, sit with the students and teach a play way method. Providing an environment where in children are safe, mustered, loved and encouraged to learn. 

v  In 1995 she started Nursery class for the children of age group 2 to 3 years. With “The Montessori method”.

v  The ambience has been specially designed to attract children through vibrant colours and special themes. 

Playing, learning and enjoying every minute, is what we aim at i-kids.

v  Our colourful think rooms / fun rooms.

v  Age appropriate furniture.

v  Non – toxic toys.

v  Interactive books & puppets make the surroundings play full and fun.

Monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities are planned to keep the curriculum focused & teach key academic skills while encouraging children to explore, express and understand the world they live. The co-curricular and extra-curricular activities encourage curiosity, self-initiation and persistence.

v  In 2005, we started ‘Eurokids’ to nurture and channelize the students aged    5 years.

v  In 2017, we adopted the international method of teaching by ‘Chrysalis’

Ø  She followed the game philosophy which promises – game

Ø  Growth in aspects

Ø  Action with ‘on – the – go – activities.

Ø  Movement.

Ø  Energy enhancement


          The whole endeavor at Pre-school is to introduce young children to a ‘Fitness life style’.  

Health & Safety

At I-Kids, every child is provided with a warm and caring environment your child health, safety and security are out top priority.
I-Kids have strict guidelines for cleanliness.
At I-Kids sanitization and health check programs are conducted on a regular basis in the school premises.
We follow GAME philosophy and believe that “Health is Wealth”.
I-Kids encourages growth in all aspects that fortifiers children’s mental, physical and emotional stability.
The whole endeavor at i-kids encourages young children to a healthy life style.